Current Real Estate Market and the Media

To buy or not to buy? To sell or not to sell? These are the questions. Many people are still trying to time the market as well as the interest rate hikes. Looking to the Bank of Canada as well as Real estate experts / professionals to gain some guidance on what will happen next? The truth is we / they do not have a crystal ball (sadly) however it is almost never a good idea to try and time the market. Next is the media and the forever blazing headlines that are enough to scare anyone from buying or selling.
Stop listening to the media and their blanket and sensationalized headlines!!! Yes … the market is down compared to Winter 2022.
Yes Inflation is up but there is an abundance of opportunities to get into the market!!! 92% of younger millennials still believe that owning a home is a good financial investment!!!
Millennials plan on buying a home within the next 5 years, so what better time to start planning. While there may be cause to pause slightly whether you are looking to sell or buy, however speak to a professional before making a hard decision.
There a plenty of tools & resources available however having a professional working with you through the process (like me ??) gives you an advantage. Let’s talk about your future!